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weberwithoutvanrijn is now

a store for hard to please people

new brands

We've expanded our contemporary collection and added new sustainable brands!

new collections

We're slowly expanding our sustainable collection into every inch of your home. We now have an organic bedding collection!

organic apparel

Not only do we offer a sustainable collection for your home, but for yourself as well!

store formerly known as WeberwithoutvanRijn

welcome to our new online store!

At Fussy People, we believe that being fussy is a positive thing. By being fussy about the things we invite into our space and into our lives, we can make changes that positively impact our way of living and our environment.

vintage design

carefully curated vintage design pieces

contemporary design

a selection of the best sustainable homeware brands

our sustainable furniture collection

sustainable brands

we work with brands who are EU Ecolabel, FSC and GOTS certified

ethical production

our selected items are produced in Europe in healthy working environments

eco-friendly packaging

all furniture packaging is well thought out with the intention to reduce carbon footprint

the expandable bed

a flexible and customizable EU Ecolabeled bed with a fully expandable frame from 90 to 180cm

our organic bedding collection

sustainable wardrobe

to go with your sustainable lifestyle

handmade bags

non-seasonal & locally designed bags to go with your sustainable wardrobe