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the fussy manifesto

Welcome to Fussy People, a store for ‘hard to please’ people. At Fussy People, we believe that being fussy is a positive thing. By being fussy about the things we invite into our space and into our lives, we can make changes that positively impact our way of living and our environment.
We want to empower you to make a positive difference through your purchases, that’s why our new online store is now dedicated to offering you the best selection of sustainable and ethical brands for you and your home. That is besides the vintage design furniture collection that we’re known for.

We have curated a selection of local Dutch and European brands that share our commitment to sustainability.

We exclusively work with brands that are committed to:
- design products that you will love forever and that will last a lifetime.
- making their production process as sustainable as possible as to not burden the environment.
- using sustainable, high quality materials carefully selected and sourced as locally as possible.
- ethical manufacturing practices and taking great care of their employees.
- reducing carbon footprint as much as possible during transportation: design that can be flat packed, using eco-friendly packaging and use eco-friendly shipping options.


Buying less will always be our best options for a sustainable future, that’s why we focus durability most of all when curating our items. The design and high quality materials should make it possible for our products to last a very long time, preferably a lifetime. The less need for replacement, the more sustainable.

What we take into careful consideration:
- Is it a timeless design? Will you love it for a long time to come?
- Is the design well thought out? Will it still function years from now?
- Is it made of high quality material? Will it last or break easily? Can you move it into another home? Is it possible to repair without having to replace the whole piece?

Indeed, sustainable products are expensive and not for every budget. We completely understand. At this time, sustainable products are a privilege. We would never encourage you to buy what you don't need and don't have the budget for.
We believe sustainable products are cost effective in the end compared to cheaper/lower quality products. That's why we're so big on durability. All items in our collection should last at least 10 years or even a lifetime.

Need help on being fussy about this?
1. Divide the price of a product by 10 (or however many years you plan on using it) to calculate the yearly cost of your purchase. Is the price-quality ratio worth it?
2. Wait a little while before making your purchase, don’t purchase on a whim. Do you still like the piece after a while?

Unfortunately our world is not yet an equal one for everyone and there’s inequality in the world of design. We strive to incorporate inclusivity where we can. At this time, one of the ways we can do that is by carrying mostly (not exclusively) female owned brands. We hope to get more inclusive as we grow.

We hope to motivate you to be FUSSY PEOPLE. Be fussy about everything that enters your space; be it your physical or emotional space. Be fussy about the things that matter to you!

On your way to make a fussy purchase. Thank you for shopping consciously!


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